BELKI provides a large-scale centralised system for Parker Hannifin

BELKI teknik ApS has taken an important step towards a breakthrough with a centralised system for cleaning coolant and lubricants in Germany. One of American group Parker Hannifin’s factories there has just received and installed a centralised system from the manufacturer in Fårup, near Viborg.

BELKI Centralised system for Parker Hannifin in Germany
BELKI Centralised system for Parker Hannifin in Germany

BELKI has been represented since 2004 by its own sales office in Germany, where two sales executives are now based. Sales are mainly based on the broad standard range of filtering equipment for the metalworking industries - although the products can be adapted according to customer requirements. Germany has become the biggest market under this strategy, but BELKI believes that there is also massive potential for specially-designed large-scale centralised systems. The sale to Parker means that BELKI gains a major reference, and according to an agreement with Parker, can demonstrate the installation there to other interested customers.


Contact was made at Nortec, one of the trade fairs BELKI took part in Germany in 2014. Parker Hannifin makes hydraulic equipment and has factories in various countries including Germany. The Bielefeld factory employs around 300 people and is the site of the installation. A typical centralised system is usually dimensioned for 10-15 m3. Parker’s requirement was for 40 m3, for which a 2 x 20 m3 system was built. BELKI’s own monitoring system, the BELKI Check System, was also installed, enabling monitoring and optimising of the filtering process with automatic replacement of liquids as they evaporate.


Manufacturer Ivan Skjellerup of BELKI states, that the next order for a centralised system has already been received, and will also go to Germany.

BELKI boosts export efforts in USA

BELKI, based in Rødkærsbro, Denmark and specializing in purifying liquids for the engineering and metal working industry, accepts that it is a long haul to become an internationally present company.

Dealers from 10 countries participated at the BELKI Dealer Meeting 2015
Dealers from 10 countries participated at the BELKI Dealer Meeting 2015
Education and product training
Education and product training
BELKI Centralized System
BELKI Centralized System

Each year in February, BELKI teknik ApS holds a three-day seminar for its dealers. BELKI thinks globally, and this year the 24 sellers and dealers from 10 countries participated in the seminar. The program consists of product training, introduction to BELKI´s product philosophy and an exchange of views about the challenges facing the industry. BELKI is consciously working to grow exports yet further, which now account for 80% of sales. Germany is the biggest market and BELKI has established with its own sales company there.


In future, BELKI´s managing director Ivan Skjellerup also wants to focus on the North American market and has established a subsidiary in Michigan with the company BELKI Filtration LLC.


A dealership agreement has now been signed with RHM Fluid Power Inc., which is assigning two specialists to the BELKI product range. After increasing sales of standard machines and less specialised solutions, a contact was established at a trade fair in Chicago in the autumn of 2014 that has now resulted in an order. This was for a large central plant for filtering wash water from several upstream plants.


"Over the years; we have developed methods by solving multifaceted filtration problems in Denmark and other European countries. The American specialists were impressed, so they are now relying on our technology. It has not damaged our competitiveness that the dollar has appreciated so much," says Ivan Skjellerup. "But I must admit that there is a long way still to go. We have organised many Skype webinars, and I´ve probably been in the United States 10 times in the last 3 years. But it´s really exciting, and I really enjoy it." 

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BELKI teknik produces today equipment for own products and our customer group includes, among others known companies such as Grundfos, Danfoss, Opel, VW and BMW. In the new millennium the export of our products has been an important part of the strategy.

Besides a good home market we are also well represented in the rest of the world. The export to countries such as Germany, Austria, Sweden and Norway now represents the majority of the sale at BELKI teknik.

The small forge still exists and operates today as a house museum for customers and suppliers.

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